Recent Work

CreateMoreâ„¢ is San Francisco's leading Apple Specialist. I worked with them to develop a simple, consistent brand identity, helping to further establish the 16-year-old brand as an instantly recognizable neighborhood business. Located around the corner from AT&T park, their flagship store receives a high volume of both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. With that in mind, and in conjunction with the new brand, I designed corresponding storefront signage intended to quickly engage and inform pedestrians, drivers and passengers alike.

The resulting identity is boldly minimalist. It eschews decorative and complex visuals in favor of honest, easily understood messaging: "We are CreateMore and we're your local source for computers, accessories, electronics, and repairs."

Before starting the project, I worked to identify numerous deficiencies left by the store's original signage (pictured below):

First and foremost, the original vinyl signage lacked any reference to what CreateMore actually was, apart from the words "Apple Specialist" across the store's lower windows. Unfortunately, this single reference was rendered invisible from the street when vehicles were parked in front of the store.

Next, I found the letters for "CreateMore" to be inadequately small. This, in conjunction with the relatively low-contrast combination of white-on-green made the sign difficult to read, especially in low-light and/or from a moving vehicle.

The existing signage also blocked a large amount of natural light from entering the store. On the inside, this made the store seem somewhat dark and and forced them to rely on unpleasant florescent lighting. From the outside, the low-light interior in combination with the placement of "Apple Specialist" made it more difficult for pedestrians to peek in and window shop from the sidewalk.

To address these issues, I worked with CreateMore's owner to identify the business' 4 key product categories (computers, accessories, electronics, and repairs) and moved this information to the upper windows, so that it could easily be identified from both the sidewalk and street levels. Using large vinyl text cut out and placed directly onto the window, I was able to allow more natural light to flood the interior of the store while creating better contrast between the vinyl glyphs and the dark window.

I designed and illustrated a stylized postcard of my neighborhood in San Francisco for use as "Thank You" cards for friends, family, and clients.

Logo, identity and poster work for Make it Funky SF: San Francisco's funkiest DJ collective.

I completed a wide variety of work as Moshi's Sr. in-house marketing designer. I both managed and contributed to projects involving UI, animation, studio & lifestyle photography, video production, e-mail marketing, retail displays, tradeshow booth design, and more. I also established brand standards and marketing guidelines.


I'm a graphic designer in San Francisco. Here's my resumé. Send me a text or email. I'm also on Dribbble and Instagram.