San Francisco, CA

I help to make sense of information and visualize ideas through thoughtful, straightforward design.

The world is an infinitely complex and cluttered place. This can make living in it particularly stressful. Smart design can help us to navigate this landscape, so we can focus on the experiences that really matter.

If you're interested in working together, have questions, or just want to talk, feel free to send me a text or e-mail me. You can also follow me on Dribbble and Instagram.


Concept is key

I believe in working smarter over working harder. 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort. Before a single pixel is created, I work to understand the project's goals within the grand scheme of things.

My process starts with a sketchbook and a conversation. Once we've finished the hard work of developing a concept, its just a matter of finding the right tools to get the job done.

The tools I use most often are Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. I also write HTML and CSS using Brackets.

On the web, I know my way around MailChimp, Google Analytics, Magento, Tumblr and Wordpress. I use Asana for project management.

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A few recent projects

As an in-house designer at Moshi's US office, I was asked to work with the development team in Taiwan to offer suggestions and create mockups for an improved user-experience on This involved revisiting the design of the desktop site, as well as creating the original wireframes and PSDs for a new mobile site.

I created this GIF animation and developed a corresponding "under construction" page to help build excitement for the upgraded site.

I designed PSD mockups of the new home page and navigation menu. The content layout is designed to be easily navigated and to speak not only to the quality of specific products but also to the overall principles behind Moshi's product design.

I collaborated closely with the other in-house designer on my team to create a set of 26 icons for use across the site. This icon kit has since become a global asset for both print and web marketing.

I built the wireframes and PSDs for the mobile site design, which focuses on a simple, intuitive navigation and a streamlined shopping process.

CreateMore™ Branding

As San Francisco's leading independent Apple™ specialist since 1999, CreateMore™ has strong following of loyal customers. I worked with their team to identify their strongest branding needs and ways in which the retailer could attract new clients. I then used this information to design a boldly minimal brand identity and matching storefront signage.

The store's original logo included a skeuomorphic, red "power button" icon and the store's owner expressed interest in carrying over this element to the new design.

The vibrant red color of the original logo struck me as a negative visual metaphor. The association between a power button and this cautionary color conjured up thoughts of dead batteries, mechanical errors, and "turning off." So my first decision was to shift towards a cool, comforting green to convey a sense of safety, reliability, and proper function.

I then worked to create a simplified, geometric version of the icon and paired it with a contemporary sans serif font to create the new logo.

After a preliminary field trip to CreateMore's downtown location, the importance of foot traffic to the store became immediately apparent. While the majority of pedestrians seemed to completely overlook the store, a high percentage of those who stopped to look in the front window ended up heading inside to browse their products. With this observation fresh in my mind, I designed an A-frame sign to help capture the attention of these passers-by.

After observing the way pedestrians interacted with the space and talking with store employees, I identified two primary needs for the storefront signage: (a) The store needed to be quickly and easily seen by drivers searching specifically for CreateMore and (b) pedestrians and passers-by needed something to grab their attention while still being able to easily see inside of the store.

From the street view, the bottom-half of the storefront window is generally blocked by cars parked along the curb. Meanwhile, the top-half goes largely unnoticed by viewers on the sidewalk. With this in mind, I designed the new storefront signage to take into account the needs of both types of viewers.

Concepts & Illustrations

An assortment of ideas and excerpts from a variety of projects.

Logo for Make it Funky SF.

Illustration of my neighborhood in San Francisco for a postcard.

Illustration and animation for Kindle Paperwhite screen protector.

Logo for Unnaturally Ok.

Series of illustrative icons for Moshi's Airfoil screen protector.

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